Peony Regular
Font created for my degree project about my Taiwanese identity. Through my last year of studies I have explored the ways in which design can bring me closer to my Taiwanese origins, which I have grown to be distant from. Peony Regular is a font addressing language barriers, using components of chinese characters to create a visual language I can understand.


UN Open Call
Covid 19
Illustrations submitted to and selected by the United Nations for its global call out to creatives, to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The vibrant colours and the playful characters were used to engage with a young audience, while adopting an educational tone. Featured on WePresent. Feel free to download and share the assests through this link.


W.I.P Show
Design of a guide for our Camberwell Graphic Design exhibition, Work In Progress. Taking into consideration printing costs, the challenge was to design a guide that would fit the work descriptions of more than 50 students, while being simple and easy to read. The outcome is an A3 fold out, printed with a risograph.


W.I.P Show Curation
Participation in the curation and organisation of our Camberwell Graphic Design exhibition, Work in Progress. Together with the supervision of Thomas Adank, we created a wall grid in order to best make use of the limited gallery space. Other participants of the curation: Justina Ciacyte, Aimee Merola, Jamie Scarffe, Flora Miles and our tutors Thomas Adank and Jake Hopwood. Photos by Thomas Adank.


Illustrations for Cartier Hong Kong's Intranet, celebrating International Women's Day. The illustrations were inspired by this year's theme of solidarity and individual collectivity.


Funky Jam Font
Creation of a typeface inspired by the Hartley Jam Factory. As the name indicates, the jam factory was recently converted into workspaces and apartments. Each parts of the letterforms were inspired by the factory's architectural elements. The factory's strong sense of community inspired me to adopt a playful approach to the presentation of the font, by creating a specimen that acts as a newsletter for the community.


Calais Arrival Guide
While volunteering in Calais, I worked with Refugee Info Bus, to design a map of Calais and the cover for their new Refugee Arrival Guide. Back in London I imagined the design of the full guide, considering the budget and printing. As refugees' belongings are often taken away, I designed a fold-out guide that could be carried in a jeans pocket. If my design was to be produced and used by Info Bus, it would be printed on a water-resistent paper to enhance its durability.


On Culture
A publication holding a collection of texts and images questioning our understanding of culture and diversity. It includes Ruben Paterson's Politics of Design, Homi Babba's Third space, and letter exchanges between Naum Gabo and Herbert Read. The mirror covers were chosen to represent the diverse realities that exist : they never reflect the same image.


Live workshop
What's Your Face?
In June 2018, I had the opportunity to take part in the UAL PITCH project at Spitafields Market. Using the market as a space of exchange, I designed a stand to give out free portraits. The portraits were based on a personality test, from which each answer would influence the outcome of the portrait. I drew around 90 portraits over the 3 days of PITCH.

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