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I’m a multidisciplinary designer based in London. My work is both research and intuitive based. It can be very bold and playful, as much as it can be engaged and formal. I am always eager to push the boundries of communication through the process of my projects. I love making things, which is why I bring analogue and digital processes together. I’m interested in people – which is why I adopt a humanist approach to my work. I am always questioning the purpose of my role as a designer, which fuels my desire to make a positive impact and to use design to benefit people, not our consumerist needs.

Latest ...

... Studies:
Graduated from Camberwell College of Arts BA (Hons) Graphic Design (2020)

... Professional Experience:
Internship at Brand Absolute, Strategic Creative Agency, Hong Kong (2018)

... Life experience:
Volunteer work with HelpRefugees at Calais, France (2019)

... Skill acquired:
HTML/CSS - to build this website! (2020)

... Hobby:
Confinement Yoga (2020)

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